Coal Truck Transport Service in Kujju Ramgarh Cantt Jharkhand.

Ensuring appropriate colliery allocation against your linkage quantity Submission of program to subsidiaries of Coal India Ltd. Organising allotment of Coal Rakes at the Railways. Strict supervision of loading of proper quality coal. Surveillance at the weightment point to avoid heavy penal & shortage. Payment of Railway Freight as provided by you at the loading point Arrangement of sending Invoice copy & Loading statements at the destination. Collection of Bills & Refunds from Coal Company at Kolkata. Adjustments of excess coal value with the bills. Submission of R/R & other relevant paper to you. Out sourcing of coal in time of acute shortages.

Planning of suitable collieries against linkage quantity. Collection of Coal Value & deposition at the concerned SECL/MCL/ECL office for release of Sale order. Transportation of Coal to your works. Supervision of loading of coal & hiring of trucks at the colliery. Ensure quality loading at the colliery To keep watch on quantity and the stock position at your plant. To look after your refunds etc. if any at the collieries. To advice & update you for any of your coal related problems.

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